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Accommodation Facilities

Being a 100% residential college, there are separate well-furnished hostels for boys and girls inside the campus itself, both directly run by the college. The management is determined in maintaining an excellent academic ambience, discipline and environment in the class rooms and in hostels making the campus ideal for an education institute of excellence.

It is often said that at residential campus, students “live to learn” but at Mount Royal College it is “learn to live” with greater independence. Students will be supported by caring teachers while their parents are only a phone call away. The environment at this campus offers greater opportunity for students in building self-confidence while improving their level of responsibility, habits of sharing and caring and above all “learning to live” with trust and respect in an environment of controlled freedom. In short life in the residential campus will be an extension of learning beyond the class room, promoting common experience, friendship, trust and honesty.
Accommodation Charges

Hostel Fees : 96,000/- per academic year for food and accommodation, payable in advance. This is for the current academic year only and is subject to revision every year. The hostel fee is fixed considering the total expenses incurred during the entire course for study and divided per academic year. This amount is to be paid promptly along with the course fees irrespective of the period of stay in the hostel or period of training outside the campus during ay semester. Separate Deluxe/Luxury hostel for boys and girls is also provided.

Registration for Hostel Admission

Mount Royal College is a residential college. Munnar being an important tourist destination, getting affordable accommodation outside the college campus is very difficult. Being students, their accommodation should be safe & secure, clean and convenient. It is in view of this, the management has decided to arrange accommodation for all, inside the campus itself. But still the available facility is much less than the sanctioned strength of all the programmes taken together. Therefore admission to various programmes are limited subject to the availability of hostel accommodation.

Before deciding to join the college & hostel, dreaming a wonderful career in the amazing Hospitality & Tourism, Business & Commerce industry, the applicants and their parents are requested to visit the campus and hostel to realize the opportunities and collect first-hand information about the accommodation and different programmes as admission once taken cannot be cancelled. Since the admission to each programme is limited to the availability of vacant seats in the Hostel and if any one cancels their admission after securing a seat in the hostel it will remain vacant during the entire duration of the programme to which the candidate is admitted resulting in lapse of one seat for the programme also. This will also result in loss of opportunity of another deserving and aspiring student.

Advance Registration for accommodation can be done by paying a non-refundable registration fee of 25000/-. This amount will be adjustable against the 1st year Hostel Fee itself. The non-refundable Registration Fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Munnar Catering College Hostel Munnar Catering College Hostel
EVE’s JARDIN – Girls Hostel Inside view of Ladies Hoste
DUKES DEN – Boys Hostel